Doing what we love :) since 2017

Official & Exclusive Art & Graphics partner for WeWork CoWorking spaces since 2017. We have produced and installed all Art & Graphic deliverables for over 10 buildings in the country and proud to have launched Hyderabad as a new market.

We have always worked very close with the WeWork team to ensure that the outcome is exactly what is expected/beyond. This includes daily & weekly updates on deliverables, procurement statuses of antiques, artefacts and rare items, sampling and miniatures of never done before deliverables and extensive walkthrough of all art along with the team to collect feedback and ensure great customer experience.

Project Numbers

500,000 sq.ft.

of Murals, Paintings, Custom Installations, Sculptures, Printed Frames, Lightboxes, LED and Neons

Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai & Gurugram

over 10 buildings in India

Co-Working Space

Exclusive Art & Graphics Partner

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WeWork Prestige Central,

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